Swabhimani Solar Water Heater

Swabhimani solar water heater converts the solar energy into the heat energy by using evacuated tube collector technology. This process works on the principle of direct heating of solar energy via light concentring mirrors. There are two types of the solar water heater systems such as the Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) and Flat Plate Collector (FPC). But the amongst two, most promising widely used is ETC solar water heater. ETC is the cheaper than the FPC and required low sun lights as compare to the FPC water heater. In this water heater Triple layer Borosilicate vacuum tube is used because it required lower sun energy to convert cold to the hot water. It is mostly used in the cold region and avoids freezing problem in those areas.
The Swabhimani solar water heater is will be promisingly supply hot water in all the season and all the days for the whole year. The 65 mm PUF insulated stronger tank prevents the heat losses and maintain the high temperature of the water. It is eco-friendly, non-congenital, corrosion free tank and the most important feature of the tank is that it is non wieldable and non-corrosive tank. This water heater is useful for low consumption of electricity.

The Features Of Swabhimani Solar Water Heater:-

• Non-corrosive tank
• Cost effective
• Most efficient
• Long life
• Low energy required

• Low maintenance
• One of the most reliable water heater
• Highly durable
• Applicable in rainy reason

Specification Of The Swabhimani Solar Water Heater:-

• Inner galvanized tank is zinc coated with thickness 1.6 mm to 2 mm.

• 65 mm thick PUF insulation.

• Triple layer coated tube with tube length 1800 mm and width 58 mm.

• 304 grade/316grade/GI/epoxy coated MS tank

• Powder coated outer tank

• Manifold system available

The Swabhimani solar is available




The Models Are Given Below,

Swabhimani 100
Swabhimani 150
Swabhimani 200
Swabhimani 250
Swabhimani 300
Swabhimani 500